Want to build a culture of effective problem solving? Want an organized set of tools employees can use to eliminate recurring trouble? 

This twelve-hour curriculum creates an entire frame work for problem solving in the work place. Problem solving techniques, real-world case studies, classroom practice, and how to manage problem solving teams effectively are all addressed.

Session Objectives

By the end of the program, attendees will be better able to:

  • Integrate problem solving into the larger framework of continuous improvement
  • Manage and participate in problem solving teams
  • Identify root causes of problems
  • Match the best problem solving techniques to the problems they face
  • Forge consensus about countermeasures


The audience varies by module. Some are intended for managers, other are applicable to the entire workforce.

Source Materials

  • Module 1: Continuous Improvement--It's Everybody's Game
  • Module 2: Leading a Workforce of Problem Solvers
  • Module 3: The Problem Solving Process
  • Module 4: Team-Based Problem Solving
  • Module 5: Identify and Define the Problem
  • Module 6: Explore Root Causes
  • Module 7: Brainstorm and Evaluate Options
  • Module 8: Implement and Monitor Countermeasures

The materials used in this course were created by a cooperative venture of the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership, three industry consortia, and four community colleges