Title: Change Management for Leaders

Event: City of Portland, Professional Development Training

Date: February 23rd, 2017

Speaker: Christopher Dennis


Is the City facing significant change you didn’t choose? Want your people to perform as well as they can when things are topsy-turvy? Positive that you need a strategy to guide you and your people through the uncertain times?  

Our first step in getting ahead of the change is to combine what we know about the change with our best intuition about the change to foresee possible impacts on our people and their work.

With these impacts in mind, we’ll take our second step: using our organization’s mission as a tool for focusing on what’s most important.

Our third step is to prioritize: we’ll prioritize the proactive steps we’ll take before the time of change, the adjustments we’ll make during the time of change, and the behaviors we want to demonstrate when the ground gets shaky.

Caring for our people is an important part of successfully adapting, and we’ll learn what to expect from them during change and some techniques for helping people be effective while they are coming to terms with their new world. A critical step in getting ahead of the change is making use of any benefits it offers: we’ll spend some time identifying opportunities in the face of change.