Title: Project Management for Regional Government

Event: Metro, Professional Development Training

Date: January 19th & March 16th 2017, 8:30 A.M, - 4:30 P.M.

Speaker: Christopher Dennis



New management with a new direction? Changing procedures? Running a study? Want the work and people to turn out better when you’re in charge? Need methods to get the work done more effectively?

This seminar helps public servants kick off a new project while learning valuable project management skills. Using the participant’s new project as a primary focus, we will learn and apply a simple process for scoping and leading a project. Next we’ll address the fundamentals of project planning. With the fundamentals of a plan in hand, we will turn our attention to progress tracking and the daily management of stakeholders, budgets, and outcomes. Projects always end and we’ll practice methods for concluding by building bridges into the next project. As project managers we will learn a proactive approach, trying to prevent trouble rather than reacting to it.

A special feature of this course is its learn-do-assess-learn approach. Participants first get a framework for managing projects, then they have eight weeks to apply their learning to their real-world project. During that time they also uncover new challenges and assess their performance with real stakeholders. When they come together again, they debrief their experiences and use unresolved issues from their projects to drive the day's learning activities.