Client: Energy Trust of Oregon


With significant growth in its customer and contractor base, as well as the complexity of its programs, the Energy Trust of Oregon needed maps and geographic analysis. Headcount limits made internal mapping efforts impossible. Could outsourcing meet their needs? 


Steaming Kettle performed a needs assessment, with input from Energy Trust stakeholders, and wrote a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services that included likely data sources, mapping outomes, and analysis projects. After distributing the RFP via public and private channels, Steaming Kettle evaluated the proposals and helped the Energy Trust interview two finalists. Steaming Kettle also checked the professional references of the winner, ensuring other customers had achieved desired Energy Trust outcomes.


The Energy Trust contracted with Real Urban Geographics, whose design esthetic and approach to customer service matched critical outcomes dicovered in Steaming Kettle's needs analysis.