Client: Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) 

Date: 2014-2017 



Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) is a 100-year-old publisher of liturgical music and worship aides. Technology is revolutionizing the publishing business while demographics are rapidly changing the organization’s primary markets. OCP needed to change its approach while maintaining its core values in order to retain its place as the market leader in North America.


Steaming Kettle has facilitated a new strategic planning approach, shifting OCP from a one-year planning process to a three-year strategic plan with much greater alignment and much less tension amongst stakeholders.

Concurrently, Steaming Kettle has helped the organization manage its project portfolio more strategically with hands-on assistance in developing better project selection methods, resource allocation techniques, and executive-level project health reporting. 

Steaming Kettle has also played a role in modernization of operations, by leading a series of workshops in design thinking and facilitating the development of data quality and system replacement projects.

Key Accomplishments

These efforts have helped OCP offer increasingly sophisticated digital products, develop strategies for new Hispanic markets, and OCP employees feel more confident in their work and their future.

"Before Steaming Kettle, we used to spend a lot of time and effort doing the easy parts of strategic planning; now we spend less time and effort doing harder stuff."

--Steve Goodrich, Director of Realization, Oregon Catholic Press