Program Evaluation Workshop

Client: Lois D. Cohen Associates

Date: June 29, 2016



Lois D. Cohen Associates (LDCA) facilitates public meetings, gathering input for agencies and governments. To make even better use of its multi-dimensional talent, Lois D. Cohen Associates wanted to create impactful new products and services through building on lessons-learned from past program successes.


Steaming Kettle helped LDCA experiment with and refine methods for evaluating project and program success via consensus-building group sessions. To accomplish this, Steaming Kettle adapted a wisdom-of-crowds approach from Agile project management, which assisted highly experienced and new members of the staff to surface and discuss opinions equitably. The result was faster, more transparent program evaluation, leading to quicker adjustments within the organization and increasing the chances of success for future endeavors.

Key Accomplishments

• Developed and refined project and program evaluations

• Facilitated group exploration, discussion and decision making

• Effectively cross-pollenated client organization with approaches from completely unfamiliar disciplines

• Effectively promoted inter-generational learning and collaboration