The tool exemplifies the detailed, behind-the-scenes expertise that Steaming Kettle brings to e-learning projects.

To make meaningful calculations, you will need to know three types of data:

  • The size of the learning object
  • The number of simultaneous users of the learning object
  • The expected time associated with the learning object

User data is entered into the green cells of the spreadsheet.

The calculator helps with two different areas, average bandwidth and peak bandwidth.

The average bandwidth calculation assumes that the learning objects information will be delivered uniformly over the duration of the learning.

The peak bandwidth calculation is specified by usability assumptions:

  • How big is the most data-intensive page?
  • How fast must the most data-intensive page load?
  • How many users load that page at the same time?

Peak bandwidth should drive infrastructure design.

Steaming Kettle is happy to help organizations in any aspect of an e-learning project.

Notethe spreadsheet has two tabs. One tab uses the Base 10 versions of M & K, the other tab uses the Base 2 versions of M & K.