This course helped me to better understand the challenges of effective project management and how to plan, execute, and complete projects. The instructor, Chris Dennis, was stellar!

--Myles Twete, P.E. Electrical Engineer

[It's a] great course for an overview of everything that project management is about. Chris is an amazing instructor, knowledgeable, fun, energetic, and engaging. Extra prepared!

--D.S., Water Resources Engineer

This was a really useful class and also very well organized and presented. I wish I had taken it in grad school and I really wish my adviser had taken it!

--Heather M., Materials Engineer

The most effective thing about this training is the big picture overview of what makes projects succeed or not: planning, communication, and managing proactively.

--Anon, Microchip

Hands on learning! I never used MS Project before [it] would have been very helpful in [previous] projects. [The course was] very positive and stayed on pace. 

--Anon, ON Semiconductor

I enjoyed this class. The course allowed me to tie practical experience to the theoretical foundation. Clarification of my current understanding of project management [was the most effective aspect] of the training.

--Anon, ON Semiconductor

Good job! I wish I had learned [project management] earlier in my career. Too many project management concepts were lost on me and my work would have benefited from learning them earlier.

--K.T., Software Engineer

Excellent class, especially the MS Project portion. As a project manager I had used the software very sparingly, but didn't know all the other capabilities it had.

--P.S., Software Engineer

The course is a great introduction to project management and should be taken by all engineers at some point in their careers.

--K.C. Gallagher, Electrical Engineer

I appreciated the hands-on practice.

--John S., Industrial Engineer

Great class and great job presenting the material! An excellent introductory course for project management.


Excellent class!

--John Vareldzis, Civil Engineer