The new knowledge I acquired will certainly help me in developing quality projects. Some things I have never used to pay particular attention to such as the importance of having water-tight initiation and planning activities will now become a priority in my management. The issue of having a smooth closeout has always been a challenge for me as I never prioritized it, but now I am clear on how such priorities contribute to my leadership success. I will therefore plan and budget for closing activities.

I feel inspired to do better than I have been doing and I can’t wait for an opportunity to start applying all this knowledge.
--Patricia, Zimbabwe

Chris did great! He was fantastic:
•    The steps to take during the planning phase were really helpful to me.
•    I also enjoyed the problem solving session and change management session. These will make me more effective in my job.
•    I also believe I would be able to close out projects in a more systematic way.

--Myo, MD, Myanmar

The training content and style was beyond expectations, it was a great learning experience. It has given us a systematic and dynamic approach to project management. I need to apply these tools immediately and we had perfect training material supported by the best trainer.
--Umer, Pakistan

I frankly did not expect the course to be [as good as] this. For me it was a new way of addressing project management [that is] interesting and very helpful.
Using this approach helped me identify some of the root causes for the problems that we are facing in the office. […] It will be interesting to go back and examine those problems against these tools and […] address those root causes.
--Noor, Iraq

The training content covered a lot of real-world stuff that I encounter in daily work. It helped me sort out a clear method…before I subjectively guessed what’s going on and what the costs of a situation were. But with these tools I can easily get to know where we are and the [meaning] of a situation. The exercises done in class were very good!
--Peng, China

Both the content and style was better than I expected. I liked the method of teaching, using presentations, drawing, showing with hands, and brining examples. For sure it helped me gain new knowledge and skills, especially in project selection, risk management, planning, budgeting, and identifying the critical path.
This is the best training that I have ever taken part in.
--Ilkhom, Kyrgyzstan 

I thought that “I don’t really do project management” and […] the training woldn’t be that applicable to my current job. Bud I could not have been more wrong. I see many applications from what I learned, […] both in my current job and for future jobs. I can see myself using the work breakdown structure, the status report, and some of the specific ways to interact and communicate with people on your team. 

I appreciated Chris as an instructor. He came very prepared every day and […] he did a good job of explaining everything, [as well as] making sure he answered everyone’s questions.
--Cully, U.S.A.

[I really gained] knowledge: putting risk assessment into planning and [identifying and managing] the critical path. [These will make] me more effective at my job, which often has ambitious [public works and public health] projects with difficult time and budget constraints.
--Erlyn, MD, Indonesia

I learned new […] techniques in regard to management: [….] the work breakdown structure, planning method, budgeting, and troubleshooting sessions really provided me with new skills that will enable me to perform my job and assigned [projects] better.

My management style will be impacted and I will be able to work with my team more professionally.
--Amanulleh, Afghanistan

I found the materials and presentation very rich in content. The facilitation was really good and engaging for the participants. [The training] helped me to garner new knowledge and skills. Particularly I am going to use the collaboration diagnostics and the [project] triage approach.
--Anon, Mercy Corps