This is an introduction to project charters that is intended to:

  • Increase your understanding of project charters
  • Give you direct experience in drafting a project charter
  • Give you a taste for collaborating to advance a charter
  • Help you directly with kicking off your team project

What must you do before our first meeting on 12/20/17?

  1. Watch this video (.m4v file. Run time: 9 minutes, 45 seconds.)
  2. Download the charter worksheet as a PDF or as an MS Word file
  3. Use the charter worksheet (or some other charter format) to draft a charter for your team project
  4. Collaborate with your team to refine the charter (And with other stakeholders, if you want.) 
  5. Ensure that everyone on your team comes with their own copy of the charter to class on 12/20/17
    • Each person should be prepared to speak to the charter as if they were the primary project manager 

If you want the script from the movie, download this handout PDF.